5 November 2020

BWP Charity Day 2020

By Izzy Cardy

As we are all aware, 2020 has been a challenging year to say the least... We’ve had wildfires in Australia, a global pandemic, a never-ending nail-biting American election, and well, unfortunately the list goes on…

Therefore, following the success of BWPs first Charity Day in last year, we felt it more important than ever to have another day dedicated to helping out our local community. The impact Covid has had on the charity sector has been overwhelming and we wanted to help our local organisations that have been affected and (hopefully) spread a little joy. So, on Friday 30th October, BWP downed our traditional tools for the day to allow us all to volunteer and donate our time to a local good cause. We strapped on our wet weather gear, picked up some un-familiar tools and headed to the local adventure learning charity, Longridge Activity Centre. 

Longridge is a charity close to many BWP-ers hearts (or groupies as we call ourselves) that provides access to experiences and activities for around 80,000 children a year.

During the day we helped out on some much-needed maintenance prepping Longridge for a brighter 2021; from making up bunk-beds (Naomi really came into her own here), leaf blowing (Gwyn’s favourite past time by the looks of it), cleaning the grounds (thanks to Rich for bringing his trusty Karcher), helping to move equipment into storage for the winter and much, much more. It was a little messy, it was physically tiring (for me at least) but hearing that we saved around 5 days’ worth of work, enabling the Longridge team to be able to focus on other really important areas of the business, meant we all left at the end of the day feeling a little lighter.

Next in store… carol singing at Christmas to a local nursing home – stay tuned!

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