Imagine a scenario where businesses could swap out their old equipment for shiny new versions without denting their budgets. Better yet, imagine if this swap also benefited the environment! Well, that’s exactly the concept Kärcher Professional UK brought to life with its innovative Buy Back initiative. 

The promotion allowed commercial customers to trade-in old machines (Karcher or otherwise) for a discount against new equipment, safe in the knowledge that old equipment will either be repaired or recycled, supporting Karcher’s ‘Renew to Sustain’ ESG ambitions. 

Bolstering Karcher’s ‘Renew to Sustain’ ESG goals.


Our brief was to spread the word about this initiative and, drawing inspiration from the wider world, we launched “We buy any Kärcher”, a multi-channel campaign, which aimed to raise awareness and, crucially, provide direct leads. 


With press coverage in all the big hitting cleaning magazines, contextual advertising in customer verticals and a highly targeted LinkedIn lead generation campaign. We drove awareness so effectively that it extended beyond the cleaning industry.

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