Creating a brand, building a website and driving awareness through hoardings and a town centre pop-up

The Landing - Maidenhead

Creating a brand through successful collaboration

Our work with London and Aberdeen began with BWP running a brand workshop involving all the key stakeholders from the town centre regeneration scheme. The workshop enabled these stakeholders to focus on their vision and establish the values and objectives of the scheme. BWP's creative team worked closely with London & Aberdeen Group and its architects on several naming options in line with these new values and 'The Landing' was born, creating a brand positioning and identity for the £250 million regeneration of Maidenhead town centre.

The new brand offered an eye-catching identity that captured the porous nature of the public space, successfully connecting the new Crossrail station, old town and public parks to the 5,046m² of new retail/leisure units, 36,304m² of new office space and 225 new homes. BWP Group developed strong brand guidelines including logos, typography and a colour palette along with a messaging platform developed for internal and external communications. 


Building an online presence

With a new brand established, the next step was to create an online presence and a key place for reference. BWP created a website designed to introduce people to the regeneration concept and provide the excitement and vision required to generate local interest and support. The website features strong use of conceptual imagery alongside data capture features to assist future marketing activity. Analytics were added to the new website and BWP continues to monitor the website's performance and optimise the site based on our learnings.

Delivering a live experience

The Landing will capitalise on the potential of this key site and generate a significant economic boost for Maidenhead. Obtaining public approval was of utmost importance to the success of the proposal, so BWP was also tasked with creating a public exhibition space to educate and inspire ahead of submitting the planning application. The exhibition, located in a central retail unit, succeeded in telling the story of the development and was even visited by Theresa May, MP.

On-site staff explained the new scheme and conveyed the regeneration team's vision. The exhibition featured full graphics on all the walls, windows and even the floor, which displayed an aerial map of the project. This was a hugely popular exhibit, which saw an incredible amount of traffic for the week that it ran and, due to the success of the public consultation phase, outline planning permission has been granted.


Branding a destination

Designing and installing town centre hoardings was the final piece of BWP's multi-channel strategy, as some dilapidated buildings within the regeneration area were targeted to be hidden by fencing alongside one of the town centre's main thoroughfares. BWP designed a 72 metre graphic that featured all of the key messages, then worked with a specialist supplier to ensure a high-quality installation was delivered.