Delivering a variety of globally-utilised campaigns and assets


PXC 550 - Premium wireless headphones for business travellers

With Sennheiser’s fresh venture back into the travel headphones market, BWP were tasked with producing the full strategic positioning for the PXC 550, and creating a proposition concept platform that spoke directly to the identified target persona – led by insights, amongst others, that expectations of best-in-class came as standard.

Following extensive market research, target-persona focus groups and initial creative concepting, the core platform was supplied to Sennheiser’s lead agency for final global activation as a key campaign and product within their Brand positioning refresh in 2016.


HD 630 VB - High-end headphones

In creating an Ad campaign for the launch of the Sennheiser HD 630 VB headphones, within a very short space of time we produced a series of creative assets that were rolled out in multiple markets to launch and promote this high-definition product.

Showcasing the fact that these ‘phones offered sensational sound normally only found in audiophile home setups but were now found in a package that allowed the user to be as much ‘on-the-go’ as plugged into their home cinema. 

With a combination of in-situ lifestyle and packshot photoshoots, the creative execution demonstrated the flexibilty, portability and quality of the product.


CapTune - App for sound personalisation

CapTune is Sennheiser’s premium quality music player and sound personalisation app. Prior to its launch, BWP were required to deliver a series of supporting elements and assets including:

  • Strategic positioning and taglines
  • Logo & Brand guidelines
  • Sales support collateral
  • PR content
  • Photography and imagery

High-resolution Audio (HRA)

As audiophile and music-lover demands continue to take an upward swing towards audio quality and clarity, Sennheiser wanted to position themselves as experts within the high-definition audio, how their products work in synergy with it – and educate people on what it is in the first place.

BWP provided an insight-led strategic positioning platform, creative visuals, copywriting and infographics to put HRA into simple layman’s terms.