Launching Gravity MAX in Liverpool

In a bold move designed to elevate its standing and fuel substantial growth, Gravity approached BWP to help them spearhead the launch of its next MAX concept in Liverpool - the most significant attraction unveiling in 2023 in the UK.

After the initial concept was launched in Wandsworth, South London, and proved a hit, Gravity, one of the country’s largest providers of trampoline parks, introduced an exciting new idea in Liverpool: Gravity MAX. This concept brings together all our favourite competitive socialising activities (think AR Darts, Urban Street Golf, E-karting, and AR bowling) under one gigantic roof, complemented by several new and exciting food brands and multiple bars. The model will subsequently be retrofitted to the original Wandsworth location to further enhance the 'Gravity MAX' experience there.

Still a fledgling brand, it was necessary for BWP to create immediate hype and awareness of Gravity MAX to the people of Liverpool, so when the venue opened, it was an instant hit.

An understanding of the city and its people was key. With this as our foundation, we constructed an extensive, seamless communication plan that meticulously covered every possible detail. We used a powerful combination of out-of-home advertising, local and online radio, roaming ad vans, PR, social media, paid media, influencers, a celeb-filled opening night, and complete domination of the Liverpool ONE shopping centre.

Our launch campaign featured outstanding creativity, including an engaging AR Instagram filter game, captivating high-end video advertising, a diverse array of social media content and a new fully optimised website.

Launching the brand in Liverpool has firmly established Gravity MAX's position in the market. With an exciting pipeline of new openings, its reputation is set to climb even higher.

Gravity MAX, the exceptional entertainment destination, has now truly marked its spot on the map.

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