Positioning IKEA as a sleep expert

When IKEA launched its recent campaign to help the nation to get a good night’s sleep, BWP Group brought the initiative to life in stores across the UK.



The brief

Working alongside partner agencies, BWP was asked to drive consideration for the brand when it comes to sleep.  The resulting brand campaign should focus on IKEA’s clever and innovative sleep solutions and provide inspiration and education around the key factors of a good night’s sleep.  At its heart, the campaign should urge the nation to take back the night.

The solution

BWP’s approach was to position IKEA as a sleep expert and raise awareness of the brand’s sleep solutions in store, to increase purchase consideration and ultimately drive sales.  Working across all 23 stores within the UK and Ireland, BWP designed a series of engaging activations and creative marketing collateral that could be easily run by store coworkers to engage customers. 

Our activations led with a Sleep Pod which utilised a custom-built app to measure customers’ heart rates and change in BPM as IKEA sleep solutions were added to the pod, giving customers a unique way to engage with products. We also created a Pillow Pairing Menu that helped customers to find their perfect pillow match for an improved night’s sleep. 

The experiential element was enhanced further with the inclusion of a Bedtime Bar, offering relaxing bedtime teas, and an escape room offering refuge in dreamland.  Both a fun route to increased dwell time and positive customer experience.  Feeling tired yet!

The results

IKEA experienced a 3% year on year increase in footfall for the same period, equating to an increase of more than 3,000 customers. The event saw a 41.5% conversion rate for sleep products, an increase of 8%, and sales increased 6% year on year.

A massive 85% of customers surveyed who took part in the activations, said they were inspired to purchase.

The most satisfying result was that a large number of customers surveyed said they had gained new knowledge about sleep and found previously unknown solutions to their sleep issues. We really did help the nation sleep better!

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