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Boosting engagement at Docks Bruxsel

The Challenge

Docks Bruxsel is a modern shopping and leisure destination based in Brussels who wanted to gain better insight of its customers and replace its under-utilised loyalty scheme. Its original loyalty app wasn’t the most user-friendly and wasn’t offering valuable benefits to the customers, resulting in a low level of engagement. We were asked to deliver a new exciting and engaging loyalty scheme that would benefit tenants, customers, centre management and also the leasing team.

The Solution

In close partnership with our client Docks Bruxsel, we upgraded and increased their WiFI access points, set up the backend software and created a new customer-facing brand for the loyalty offering, called 'Docks BOOST'! We then ran an email programme moving the old loyalty members over to BOOST and encouraging non-members to sign up. The BOOST brand and membership message was delivered across all of the owned channels from flags and digital screens in the centre, to organic social posts and a dedicated website section.

Building a database

Since the introduction of this crowd engagement solution, we've seen a huge sign up with an excellent conversion rate from WiFi users to BOOST members and the analytics we're receiving is providing priceless information about customer genders, age, frequency and dwell times, and our progressive profiling achieved through a new question asked at every log in, means we're gaining mobile numbers, postcodes and method of travel to name a few examples. In Belgium, most people don’t have unlimited mobile data as we do in the UK, so free data is valuable to them and we've since this reflected in the number of WiFi logins.

Actionable insight

With the tracking system in place and a pool of useful insight, we're now able to deliver highly-targeted marketing communication to the right customers at the right times. Whether that's rewards for a long dwell time, fashion discounts to a specific demographic or free surprises to the most loyal, the data is there to act upon.

We're also collecting valuable qualitative data from automated exit surveys sent directly to visitors once they leave the centre. The survey results are collected and analysed in a quarterly report.

Stakeholder benefits

The implementation of Docks BOOST is a great example of how this solution can benefit all stakeholders. Customers received tailored offered, valuable to them, tenants can talk directly to their audiences, the centre management team can identify footfall patterns and hotspots around the centre and the leasing team can build business cases for future tenants.

BOOSTED results

It’s clear that capabilities are limitless, and you'll see from the results below, the outcome is very positive. As soon as we understand the challenges of your business, we are be able to introduce the right solution to maximise the benefits for all stakeholders.

total registrations
marketing opts-ins
conversion rate to subsribers
click through rate

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