Revitalising the brand and leasing materials for a European Designer Outlet

Billund Outlets, Denmark

J10544_BWP website mock ups 3

Facing a significant shortfall in leasing targets and the prospect of non-renewals from previously signed-up brands, Resolution tasked BWP with revitalising the brand and leasing materials for Billund Designer Outlet in Denmark.

The team repositioned the scheme and crafted a robust proposition and core value set that, in turn, saw the creation of a stunning new brand and set of leasing materials. This refreshed positioning added clarity and focus to the leasing strategy, along with presenting a significantly more enticing project to the brands being targeted.

This activity resulted in 100% renewal of all initial terms with brands from 12 month's prior.

J10544_BWP website mock ups 3
J10544_BWP website mock ups 6
J10544_BWP website mock ups 7