Getting hands-on with a new brand planning project

We started with a name and ended with a complete brand portfolio

The Challenge

A refresh required

Real estate investor and asset management company, Global Mutual acquired four outlet schemes in the UK and enlisted BWP to help deliver a brand refresh.

The Solution

United under one brand identity

The agency embarked on a comprehensive research phase, which took in catchment mapping, geo-demographic trend analysis and consumer perception. This informed the decision to unite the three schemes under one brand identity and the Affinity family of outlets was born.

Underpinning this rebrand, a fresh and creative new marketing concept was conceived alongside a B2B leasing strategy and B2C comms strategy to drive all three centres forward, attracting new brand signings.

The Impact

First step in an exciting journey

Alongside a well-received suite of leasing materials and an engaging brand video, a high impact brand launch cemented this first step in an exciting journey. The long-term goal of a highly-regarded and prosperous family of outlets boasting desirable shopping environments and a premier brand line-up was formed.

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