We started with a name and ended with a complete brand world.


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Real estate investor and asset management company Global Mutual acquired three outlet schemes and came to BWP for help refreshing the centres. The agency embarked on a comprehensive research phase, which took in catchment mapping, geo-demographic trend analysis and consumer perception. This informed the decision to unite the three schemes united under one brand identity and the Affinity family of outlets was born.

Underpinning this rebrand, a fresh and creative new marketing concept was conceived alongside a B2B leasing strategy and B2C comms strategy to drive all three centres forward, attracting new brands and inviting fresh engagement with a more diverse local audience.

Alongside a well-received suite of leasing materials and an engaging brand video, a high impact brand launch cemented this first step in an exciting journey towards the long-term goal of a highly-regarded and prosperous family of outlets boasting desirable shopping environments and a premier brand line-up.

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