Addressing school concerns with STABILO

Mikaela Walker

Back to school is a key sales period for any stationery brand so at BWP we wanted to think of a way to go the extra mile for stationery expert STABILO.

To create buzz and brand awareness, BWP suggested STABILO host a webinar to answer parents’ questions ahead of the new school year. The aim of the project was to increase engagement with STABILO’s target audience to get them talking and thinking about their products on the run up to back to school shopping. 

BWP secured a partnership with Dr Gummer, a well-known child psychologist to joint-host a webinar addressing back to school and university concerns after an extended period of disrupted schooling due to the pandemic. BWP identified Dr Gummer as the perfect fit as she is well-known as an expert in her field in parental circles. The webinar itself was split into three sections: children starting school, the jump to high school from primary school and finally the move to university. Dr Gummer addressed topics such as making new friends, handling separation from parents, growing a child’s independence and preparing them for a new stage. 

The event was a huge success, with 328 people attending the event and 71% of these staying to watch the webinar to the end. BWP also witnessed strong activity and engagement on the chat function, including several mentions of STABILO’s products, namely their EASYoriginal ergonomic and refillable rollerball pen to make learning to write stress free. A group of attendees even went on to continue the discussion outside of the event with several giving positive feedback to thank STABILO for organising the event, easing their concerns, and providing tips to support their children’s return to school. 

The high level of engagement helped to raise awareness of STABILO products whilst encouraging parents and students to positively associate STABILO as a brand aimed at easing academic transitions. 

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