Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business

Above are quotes from Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Steve Forbes of Forbes magazine. Both of these business giants understand exactly how important it is to get your brand just right - and we don’t just mean your logo! An effective brand strategy affects all parts of a business, building business cultures to help retain top talent, providing the inspiration for crafting beautiful marketing communications and, ultimately, creating long-term relationships with customers to shorten sales cycles.

When it comes to devising a cohesive and enduring digital strategy, from brand design and development to content marketing, social media and email marketing, the importance of the planning phase cannot be underestimated. An omnichannel approach to marketing is something every brand can benefit from, whatever the sector - and at BWP, we work with our clients to plan their brands’ trajectory and ensure that all of the necessary tools are being fully utilised.

In the retail world, customer journey mapping is the key to turning footfall (be it physical or digital) into revenue - but this same strategic element is something we consider in all of our projects. Any steps that need to be taken to get your brand in front of the right people at the right time are considered to the nth degree and then implemented with complete confidence.

As an award-winning branding agency, our planning process has been built and refined over many years. It’s an enlightening and collaborative experience that can involve the whole business to help shape its brand destiny. We believe this sense of collaboration allows a brand identity to be truly representative of a company’s entire workforce which, of course, is the lifeblood of any enterprise.

Built on a solid foundation of ‘discovery’, the brand strategy process begins by scoping requirements based on commercial goals and business aspirations, brand architecture evolution, competitive positioning, value proposition development and business culture drivers - allowing us to assist with a brand identity refresh or help to create a completely new brand from scratch.

This phase is an intensive period of research and an immersive engagement with key people in your business, utilising interactive and engaging workshops designed to get you thinking differently.

At this stage, our brand strategy team then go and create what’s required, working with BWP’s other internal resources - digital strategists, data analysts and creatives - to develop a compelling and differentiated brand strategy.

We then test. And test again. With customers, with clients, with staff. What’s created in the boardroom doesn’t always translate to real life. We go back to your commercial goals and aspirations to ensure there are no gaps and we then refine. Brand development is always an ongoing process, and we continually interrogate our strategies until we arrive at the most workable outcome.

Finally, we execute - whether this takes the form of a ‘brand vision’ document, brand guidelines creation, a full brand rollout with employee engagement or complete collateral creation from the ground up.>

BWP has delivered a variety of brand strategies across multiple sectors throughout EMEA, including GVA, Vox Mobile, Waterfront Bremen, Aura Pomorska, EDM, Revital, The Landing, Tristan Capital and Ulster Weavers.

If you’re looking to gain insight from an expert brand consultant or find out more about the many benefits of choosing BWP for your brand marketing and management, just pick up the phone. You can call us on 01628 625900 to discuss your needs and aspirations with a member of our experienced and knowledgeable team.