Introducing our destination crowd engagement solution

Through a combination of hardware, software and destination marketing experience, our solution can provide a guest WiFi platform, track and influence your customer behaviour, analyse patterns, and manage targeted customer engagement. Ultimately enabling greater ROI from your marketing spend. We’re a marketing agency with destinations in our DNA. Founded by a talented bunch of marketers, BWP has helped to make places and spaces famous and drive customer footfall over the last 25 years. We’ve developed this solution in partnership with several of our long-standing partners to perfect it in real-world scenarios. We’re now tracking customers and making commercial decisions with the data, experiencing excellent engagement, and driving footfall and action.

We understand that to adopt a solution like this you need the full information, working examples and an implementation roadmap. So, get in touch and we can take you through the finer details and discuss how this solution would work for your destination in the real world.

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