Social Media Content Creator

Salary: £22-25k depending on experience

We have tried writing really formal job summaries and descriptions but they look the same as every other company and quite frankly don't inspire anyone. So we're giving another approach a go.

We are BWP. This is our website. Pretty much everything we do is on here so its a good place to start if you are interested. <---- this is Jonny's personal profile. He runs the digital and social teams. He's very big into hiring people who will treat this like their own business and manage their own time effectively.

We will never micro manage someone and believe in promoting talent internally. Therefore, everyone who works here currently has:

  • Unlimited holiday. Get the work done and take what time off you can.
  • No sick pay. Sounds bad, but what I mean is if you are sick I trust you are sick so you will be paid in full and not at some discounted rate. True story our head of digital drove his motorbike through a caravan and was off for a month and got paid in full.
  • Pick you own equipment. Have a brand new MacBook if you want it. I’ll draw the line at 3 extra screens for gaming.
  • Annual training budget that's pretty much unlimited if you can look me in the eye and justify it.
  • 1 day a week min on site with a client. Likewise, you can work from the moon if you can get wifi there.

If you can think of anything else you want and you are the right candidate feel free to pitch it to me.

What are we looking for from you?

Well, first of all can you actually create content with a camera? By this I mean your actual job is built around producing video or photo content. Please don't apply because you have an Instagram account and you fancy having a crack at a role in Social Media.

For our content creators we would be looking at 1+ years of video or photo production, ideally for an agency:

  • We need someone who’s a creative thinker, brimming with ideas on engaging content that drives the key KPIs. You’ll have exceptional video or photo skills you can demonstrate to us in a task or portfolio. We really value people who think outside the box.
  • You should be able to plan and ensure timely delivery of video and/ or photo content across different client platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & LinkedIn) including organising your own content shoots.
  • We expect you to collaborate with our creative teams and external partners to create engaging multimedia content.
  • A passion in social media is a given but we want you to keep up to date with current social trends and report key insights to the wider team where relevant to client strategies. We want to create unique content and that means staying ahead of the curve and trying new things.
  • This role is client facing, we expect people to build relationships and make social calendars and talk clients through what we’re doing in a clear, concise & friendly manner.

Next steps

If you are still interested, please send your CV and portfolio / examples of relevant content you’ve previously created to our Talent Manager, [email protected].

First step is a practical, showing us your skills in designing some content for a client of ours.

Second step will be a chat with your Head of Social. If you wear a suit on the call, you will be eliminated.


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