16 April 2020

Working from home: the new normal (5 top tips to get the most out of home-working)

At BWP, we’re usually an office-based workforce; a social bunch that makes the time to laugh and chat together, while simultaneously working like Trojans to turn out exceptional work. The absence of this social element is much-missed, and finding a way to weave it into our home-working dynamic helps to maintain sanity when the going gets tough.

Lockdown has been a bit of a shock to the system and the unavoidable adjustment to remote working has been a necessary step. As with anything, we will all find our way differently, but there are some easy things you can do to make the adjustment that little bit smoother.

Stick to the routine: Humans aren’t the biggest fans of change by nature, so maintaining your usual daily routine can be reassuring and help to achieve some equilibrium. Get up at your usual time, shower and dress as if you’re heading into the office. It will help you to get your ‘work head’ on and to reduce the anxiety that many are feeling in these unusual times.

Schedule group calls: You wouldn’t normally rely on your brain alone for all the ideas, so why should it be any different from home. When you need creativity, book colleagues for a remote brainstorming session. We have the technology at our fingertips, so don’t forget to use it. And seeing their smiling faces is bound to brighten your day!

Create your workspace: When you’re working from home, it can be hard to disengage from the demands of the job. Identify your workspace in the home, so that when you go there and begin your working day, it’s the equivalent of leaving to go to the office. That way, when the working day is over, logging off and leaving this designated area is your sign that work is done for the day and you can relax and enjoy your evening as normal.

Take breaks: It’s not natural to work solidly for an unrelenting seven and a half hours every day, it’s vital to take breaks to refresh your mind. This can also offer a great opportunity to catch up with another human, whether it’s a much-loved work colleague you’re missing, or a family member in the next room. Stay social during your working day to stay sane.

It’s not all about work: When your company dynamic is family-oriented and genuinely embraces the work hard / play hard approach, this should be upheld wherever possible. BWP’s traditional Friday Drinks continues, lockdown or no, complete with weekly news updates (work-related and social) and the obligatory silly game. Zoom call Guess Who anyone?

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