Docks Bruxsel

26 May 2021

Welcome Home

By Simon Wilks

To help Docks Bruxsel make the most of the current demands on our homes (to be multi-functional work / study / lifestyle spaces), BWP developed our latest Home and Tech campaign. This 2021 creative campaign sees a focus on the home and tech brands available to shoppers at Docks. The strategy was to highlight the many types of relevant stores located at Docks Bruxsel and the benefits they can deliver to consumers and their homes in 2021.

The first stage of any project is to lay a solid foundation for the creative process by developing a strategically led creative platform that helps us shape the audience approach and creative direction. For this campaign we started with: 


Tired of your interior aesthetic? Whether you need inspiration or you’re shopping for something specific, you can get your house looking and functioning just the way you want it with tech and homeware solutions at Docks Bruxsel.

Docks Bruxsel; helping your home work beautifully for you and your family.

Your Home. Your Docks.

From our Creative platform we started to develop our approach for the overall look, feel and messaging. One of the big challenges when producing campaign creative for European shopping destinations is ensuring that our messaging translates in a way that makes sense for all audiences. This is even more prevalent with the Docks Bruxsel audience, as we need to accommodate a French, Flemish and English speaking audience. 

After working through the usual creative process, we landed on our ‘Every style. For every space. For every home’ headline. The supporting copy and headline was also flexible enough to allow us to be more targeted with our messaging, if we wanted to talk directly to people about their individual needs and space. E.g., Every style. For every space. For every Gamer…’

Once we had a clear idea about what we wanted to say, we then moved on to how we wanted it to look. We decided to create a ‘Docks house’ that opened to reveal the multiple living spaces that represent both the home and tech brands available at Docks and the audience lifestyles. Externally, we took inspiration from local housing styles and architecture, including outdoor spaces for our garden area linking spaces with stairs, glass balustrades and balconies. We were also careful to include architectural details from Docks Bruxsel itself with the glass lifts and the wood cladding exterior..

Internally, we divided up the spaces in a way that delivered a good mix of styles with each space needing to feel separate, individual and representative of the local community, whilst remaining relevant to the brands available at Docks Bruxsel. 

At the end of the project we were able to deliver a creative solution that successfully caught our audiences’ attention and delivered on the brief for our client and their retail tenants.

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