Pradera Lateral

22 July 2021

Reigniting a northern powerhouse

The original vision for the Trafford Centre was for it to be a place of wonder, with the aim and mantra of being “Always Ahead”. But over recent years it was underinvested in and it failed to keep up with the times, let alone stay ahead. However, in collaboration with Pradera Lateral we are focused on transforming the scheme into a nationally significant brand experience centre.


This is how we are making it happen –


We have spent several months researching the customer, the catchment, the competition and the opportunity, looking outside of the industry as well as inside for world-class benchmarks. We now have a clear view of what we need to do and how we are going to do it.


Brand Strategy

The next stage has been to develop a new proposition, brand and creative platform for the scheme, which has already started to manifest itself onsite and will continue to develop and grow.  We are also finalising a new visual identity that will signal a strong departure from the Intu tenure, with a foot placed firmly in the future.


Comms Planning

We have developed a comms strategy using the insight from our research that identifies who will be targeted, through which channels, with what messaging, and how this will evolve over time by campaign. 



We are now into the detail of creating the delivery plan for our campaign strategy, what each campaign looks like, how they will come alive in our creative and comms, as well as how they will manifest themselves onsite and online.


Continuous improvement

Data drives our decision making, so through the data we get from each campaign, our research and our analysis, it will continue to help improve the relevance, impact and performance on our marketing activity. 


Alignment to the Business Plan

Everything we do ties back to the business plan to help achieve the commercial objectives that have been set.  It is this focus on alignment and collaboration with asset management, leasing, commercialisation and operations that ensures success.

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