24 May 2022

Personal Development

Like any service-based business, we don’t just offer our clients marketing support, we offer them the expertise of the brightest and best individuals in the industry.

Our staff is our business. And that’s why we invest so heavily in their continual learning and development.

Every single employee has:

  • An individual personal development plan that focuses on their progression and career development enabling them to understand and climb their individual career ladder.
  • Between 5% and 20% of their time set aside for personal development. This time is used for strengthening industry knowledge; keeping up to date with industry developments and trends; and developing and honing role-specific skills.
  • Monthly development check-ins with their line managers.
  • Access to internal and external training as well as multiple learning platforms to ensure there’s a steady stream of opportunities to learn and grow.

Line managers are also tasked with helping their direct reports progress as part of their own development, so both parties are invested in the outcome of these meetings which we believe makes a huge difference.

In fact, the development of our staff is so important to us as a business that the agency’s satisfaction with its learning & development is regularly reported at board level with strict goals set to achieve.

So when we say "BWP invests in the continual learning and development of our staff", you can be sure it's not just lip service.

If you’re interested in working for BWP (permanent or freelance), we’d love to hear from you. 

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