Our team has blossomed and grown over the past few years, real estate within the office space became quite the hot commodity. A relocation was pending and it finally arrived, now nestled comfortably in our gleaming new office in the centre of Marlow, we couldn’t be happier….

The next chapter…

At Spaces we grew, it became quite clear,
BWP’s next chapter needed to appear.
Gone are the days we squeeze through the day,
Now on three floors – we’re here to stay!

A space to collaborate, create, and meet
And best of all, a desk for us ALL to put our feet
With our own kitchen stocked – no fork goes amiss,
Above M&S Food – it’s lunchtime bliss!

The old offices had a charm, it’s true,
But the toilets did have that certain… eww.
From cafe splurges to the Christmas party haze,
In our new spot, we’ll recall the good ol’ days.

On to Marlow town centre – it’s quite the debut,
Meeting rooms so swanky and a gym for the crew.
With our very own entrance, the doors open wide,
Inside you’ll find us working side by side.

If its gone 5:30, and you can’t find us there,
You may find as at “Megans” pulling up a chair.
With everyone sipping on Blackberry Brambles,
It’s only a matter of time before it falls to shambles….

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