11 August 2021

Mixing Virtual And Reality

Why it’s important that brands do both

2020 was most definitely a year for, as Kylie Jenner once said, ‘realising stuff’, with one of these realisations being that the pivot to virtual was not a temporary measure. Jumping onto a virtual call has become second nature and is something that is here to stay.

Whilst all of us in PR are excited to get back to in-person events, and the novelty of speaking to someone in the same room won’t wear off for a very long time, it is key to not forget the benefits that come with a virtual event. Throughout the lockdown period the BWP PR team hosted and took part in many virtual events, from power pitches to brand launches, dinners to cocktail parties - these events had some of the most successful results we have seen.

As the majority of people were at home, hopping onto a call from the comfort of their own living rooms meant that we saw an increased number of attendees, as the need to dash across the city or jump on the tube was eliminated. Increasing the number of journalists and influencers on the call led to widening the awareness of our brands’ launches and offerings, and ultimately generating further coverage. This is not to say that we should scrap in-person events, these are crucial as they allow for a personal touch and real interaction that you cannot get through a screen; a mix of virtual and reality would be ideal. Offering both options allows brands to create a series of touchpoints for a single campaign, extending the reach. Virtual allows those working remotely to attend and feel included, while in-person helps to strengthen pre-existing or new relationships with real-life human interaction. This learning is most definitely one we will take forward and build into future activities for our clients and add to our multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Events within the PR industry are a key way to build relationships and continue to raise brand awareness and also something that brings a bit of fun! When we’re in a time that continues to be filled with uncertainty, we feel it is important to offer both virtual and physical options in order to keep engaging with press and spread a little bit of joy - let’s be honest, who doesn’t like an excuse to get dressed up and talk to people?!

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