“The Age of Responsible Growth” took centre stage at Mapic 2023, aligned with the growing focus on sustainability and ethical practices in retail, leisure, and hospitality.

With the question of what role the retail sector will play in a modern city in the future, exhibitors are focusing on innovative mixed-use destinations.


We see that time invested into nurturing strong partnerships between the retail and leisure industry is the secret sauce for exciting new possibilities.

With tenants focussing more on adaptability while retaining quality, good relationships are crucial to help tenants achieve their retail goals. At BWP, we believe in a three-way partnership between marketing, landlords, and tenants, and using shared data to create sustainable growth and lasting value.

The retail and leisure combination is where the action is. The high street is evolving, and Mapic’s speaker events reflected this trend. Focussing on blending retail with leisure attractions, to make shopping an experience, not just a chore. An excellent example of this concept is GravityMAX in Liverpool ONE, where shoppers can enjoy retail and leisure in one place. And, it’s not just activities, there’s a growing appetite for better food and beverage offerings turning shopping centres into sought-after destinations that exceed expectations.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) remained firmly in the spotlight, highlighting the retail industry’s dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices. ESG considerations are now driving retail strategies and investment decisions, aimed at conserving energy and reducing waste. Trafford Centre is a prime example of this progressive movement, working towards lasting, positive impacts on local communities and the environment.

One highlight was the exploration of AI’s potential to transform the future of retail. We hope to see even more in-depth discussions on AI in the future, as it continues to shape the retail landscape.

Mapic 2023 showcased the industry’s shift towards meaningful connections, explored the AI, emphasised the importance of strong landlord-tenant relationships, highlighted the fusion of retail and leisure, and demonstrated the growing commitment to ESG principles.

With more exciting developments in the world of retail, we’re excited for 2024!


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