1 March 2023

Get Ahead of the Curve: The most exciting PR trends for 2023!

2023 - new trends emerging and others becoming obsolete, what’s hot and what’s not in the rapidly evolving PR world?


What’s Hot?



Move over Millennials, there’s a new sheriff in town! Gen Z is taking the reins as the ultimate target audience for brands. As they enter the workforce, they are acquiring more buying power and, as digital natives, forget about window displays or billboards, this generation turns to influencers for recommendations and uses TikTok as a search engine. Phones are almost an extension of themselves and, with attention spans becoming shorter, video is king. Even Google's getting in on the action and endorsing TikTok videos. These digital dynamos are the cool kids on the block and the future of the market.



Companies need to step up and tackle social issues head-on and, that's where PR and marketing can really shine. It's time to speak up loud and proud about your commitment to CSR, DEI and ESG. Gen Z expects brands to be transparent and socially responsible; they are super aware of greenwashing and rainbow-washing and if a brand doesn’t align with their values, they’re out!  In fact, 1/3 of Gen Z cancels brands weekly, disengaging and unfollowing them on social.



ChatGPT may not be able to pull rabbits out of hats, but it can certainly help with your day-to-day workload. While it's true that search engines love original content and a human touch, this little AI buddy can save you time and help you to spruce your copy like a pro.

What’s Not?


It's time to say “hello” to some shiny new work habits. Online events have been a lifesaver for their convenience and they are here to stay but with a more hybrid approach, nothing beats that up close and personal touch.



Mass distribution of press releases and content is old hat, it’s time to get data-driven with your approach. We’re talking about being discoverable and being trusted and, when it comes to trust – it takes two to tango! This is where third party endorsements come into play; by being authentically recommended you can prove that you’re the real deal and build credibility in the eyes of your audience.

In conclusion, to win over Gen Z you need to be socially conscious and tech-savvy. Embrace the changes,  they're happening faster than ever and if you don't keep up, you might find yourself as outdated as a flip phone.

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