Meet Jacey, our vibrant and magnetic agency mum, otherwise known as Director of Culture, Talent & Operations. With a laugh that echoes through the building and a wit that’s cheekier than a pirate, she’s the heart of our agency and the perfect person to explain why we’ve ditched ‘cultural fit’ in favour of ‘cultural enhancement’.






Before becoming BWP’s Director of Culture, Talent & Operations, I often assessed if potential hires would ‘fit’ into our culture. We sought confident, humorous individuals who could thrive in our lively environment.

However, post-pandemic, our talent pool changed, with many bright, enthusiastic candidates lacking traditional agency experience but full of potential.

Our agency comprises strategic thinkers, creative catalysts, and client service experts, but our clients are diverse. Therefore, welcoming people from various backgrounds and with different perspectives helps us better serve our clients.

The common thread among our staff is our company values – Human, Brave, Passion, and Impact. These values guide our hiring process now.

We seek candidates who embody kindness, supportiveness, passion for their craft, and enthusiasm for joining our agency, rather than just fitting a specific personality type.

BWP has been recognised for its outstanding culture, securing a spot on Campaign Magazine’s Best Places to Work list for three consecutive years and achieving a Glassdoor rating 17% higher than the UK average. Our staff retention rate is 84%, compared to the industry average of 70%. If asked to describe BWP’s culture today, I would say, ‘ours is a culture of kindness.’

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