14 April 2020

Creative freedom during self-isolation

We are all adapting to working from home, and what has rapidly become the ‘new normal’.

When asked to come up with a creative campaign for clients, I tend to tuck myself away and to allow the creative brief to sink in and give my brain the time to run a little free. So being self-isolated is certainly not a barrier to tucking myself away and allowing me the freedom to think, a lot!

Covid-19, self-isolation and the changes it is bringing makes for very strange but interesting times. Instead of sitting around letting myself, and my ‘creative muscles’ get too flabby, I felt inspired to catalogue my own daily interpretation of current events with a little creative expression.

Under the banner of ‘DAILY THOUGHTS’ I wanted to communicate our common understanding of the current situation. To communicate the everyday changes and challenges we are all facing, whilst keeping it current and fluid with creative intelligence.  

The outcome...the self-isolation series.


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