26 February 2020

BWP unveils new brand

by Tim Davies

When we were first established, ‘BWP’ stood for our founders. But today, it stands for more than three names, it stands for a philosophy that underpins everything we do. BWP is defined as Business With Purpose.

Having defined our brand positioning and company’s ‘purpose’, it gave us the perfect opportunity to take a step back and see if our identity also needed a fresh approach. The brand has been through a couple of evolutions through the years, we felt it was time to give our identity a ‘brand’ new visual direction. Something that better fitted the future of the business.

With a greater focus on our creative work and case studies through our website, creds and social channels, we needed a brand that supported this approach. A brand that was confident and distinctive, yet wouldn’t shout or dominate. An identity that we could own and be proud of.

Beginning with the logo, we moved away from our previous lowercase type style to an uppercase sans serif font, for a cleaner more grown up look. Adding clear spacing between the letters gave the logo more character, whilst dropping the previous ‘group’ lockup, helped to create a simpler more confident identity.

We continued the paired-back approach with a simple colour palette of dark blue/grey and a contrasting accent orange for a fresh and bold look & feel. This gives us the flexibility to be clear and self-assured with our own brand, yet let our work ‘breath’ and standout when required.

Interesting typography, image usage and positioning and general design principles throughout our collateral creates a memorable and consistent brand identity.
An identity that would support our business and purpose into the future.

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