As the first act for the 2017 BWP CSR Committee, a companywide ‘Bake off’ was put in to action with BWP match funding pound for pound.

Following our company mission to Be Brave, we wanted our bakers to nominate themselves to bake a brave creation. Firstly, our intrepid bakers were recruited and split into 3 rounds taking place on every Monday of March with the finale on the last Monday.

A month of cake was ahead of us all, and we were ready to get our belly’s full (not that we needed an excuse) for a great cause and to raise money for Comic Relief.


Round 1 saw Claire, Joe, Sharon and Ella with fairy tale inspired goodies, Oreo and chilli / chocolate cupcakes, chocolate spiced beer cake and a huge amount of Tequila with Joe taking the victory thanks to his tequila and lime macaroons and cake.

Round 2 saw Megan, Mike, Jon, Vicky, Lauren and Kieron – a mega round with all the cake you could ever want. Eggs and soldiers, pink lemonade, bacon and, of course, your agency alcohol selection; limoncello, whiskey, Guinness and a very brave and true to the brief vinegar pie from our Director. The winner was Megan with her pink lemonade delight.


Round 3 Adam, Laurann, Hannah, Digital Dave and Steve took on the final day, a bit daunting after experiencing the other amazing cakes and concoctions of the past 2 weeks. Naturally, they raised to the test and produced a veritable chocolate feast mixed with more unusual ingredients including pea puree, honeycomb and carrot, marmite, earl grey and marmalade to name a few. Sounds odd, but you would be surprised about what works! Taking the last spot in the final was our pastry chef Steve.

The finale was guaranteed to be a showcase we wouldn’t forget. Steve, Joe and Megan got very competitive with some Twitter banter over the weekend prior to the final. The final show-stopping bakes did not disappoint, as Steve served up a Doughnut cake with some very cute additions from his daughter, Megan offered up a range of coffee shop cupcakes including green tea, salted caramel latte and baileys and hot chocolate. Meanwhile, Joe stayed true to himself with a massive gin and tonic ring with enough gin to make the Queen proud.

The overall winner of the BWP Bake a Difference was Megan M! Megan admitted to being the most competitive of the bunch, so it is no surprise she came out the victor.

Let’s not forget all of this was to raise money for Comic Relief and we raised a belt busting £176.08 with BWP matching every pound donated for a grand total of £352.16!

Well done everyone!