Let’s face it AI is here to stay, and the new kid on the block is making our lives a whole lot more interesting.

At BWP this fresh-faced graduate is being integrated into our everyday creative life. With capabilities to make a real difference in all areas of the creative journey – campaign development, visualising fresh ideas, broadening perspectives and enhancing creativity – and all of this without treading on too many artistic toes!

We’ll be honest, when it comes to changing creative, it’s much harder to offend than our Design Director!


Having a little fun with AI… One of the first things we did when we started to explore AI in Photoshop was to encourage the team to have a little fun with it, so we set them a little challenge! Using the same image and with a time limit of five minutes, we asked them
to let their imagination run loose and transform the image using the power of Photoshop AI and their own imagination.

The results?

Other than some slightly concerning results (?) It’s clear that the real power still lies in the hands of the individual, proving to us that it’s wonderful tool when placed in the right hands, blending ‘human’ creativity with a sprinkling of AI wizardry.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about AI currently is how it’s helping us reduce the distance between conception and realisation, taking our potential to another level. And as long as we continue to question the why, where and when of using AI in our project work then the future is filled with creative potential.

An example of how we are starting to use generative AI can be seen in our latest spring campaign for The Boulevard. Armed with an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style creative vision, a (real life) photoshoot, a handful of prompts and a touch of AI magic, we brought our Spring fashion campaign to life in a way we wouldn’t have previously been able to before.

The takeaway?

Where tight time lines, fixed budgets and creative ambition used to limit possibilities, the adoption of ‘AI’ means the creative possibilities just got much, much bigger.







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