31 May 2022

Italian sunshine, amazing work colleagues and a chance to connect…

Deciding to close the office and take the whole agency away for a short team building trip to Italy was one that I felt was brave. In hindsight, it was the perfect decision to make. 

We like to call ourselves a family at BWP and, whilst this has rung true since the day we were founded, the ability to come together and bond during our trip has brought us closer together than ever. After some incredibly disruptive years, where the team continued to take every challenge in their stride, the opportunity to truly engage with one another outside of the office has united us.  

As an integrated marketing agency, we often find ourselves working together across a range of different projects and retained clients. Going away as a whole team enabled us to truly bond and it was a pleasure to see different departments coming together for some fantastic team building. It was also great to thank and reward them for their tremendous work.  

I see many CEOs looking for new and innovative ways to give back to their staff and, whilst our trip may not be ground-breaking, I would truly encourage others to consider it. The list of benefits is endless, but here are just a few of the main takeaways from our trip to Italy:  

  • The extended time together allowed us to reach a deeper level of conversation and bonding 
  • It humanised the senior team and made them even more approachable 
  • It developed friendships across the agency by bringing different teams together  
  • As corporate athletes working under high pressure, it allowed us to re-charge   
  • It gave us a chance to slow the pace, reconnect with one another and disconnect from work 
  • The opportunity to communicate face-to-face and not over Zoom!  

These takeaways are just a few of the amazing things that we will take from the trip, alongside the laughs and fantastic memories. It is important that we use this as the platform to build on and implement our learnings to ensure the BWP family continues to thrive. Expanding on policies we already have and adopting new systems will ensure everyone can keep prospering and that they are ready to take on new challenges. It is our job as a senior leadership team to commit to supporting our staff and creating a culture that reflects the wants and needs of our BWP family.   

2022 has been a busy year already and we have so much in store for the months ahead. The ability to strengthen new and existing relationships throughout the agency will ensure we are energised and ready to meet our goals. 

Running an agency filled with amazing people is a true pleasure, and ensuring their hard work is noticed and rewarded is a key part of my role as CEO. It’s hard to quantify the potential benefits that our trip to Italy will have for the business, many we may never fully understand or truly appreciate, but it is important that our focus does not end here, and we continue to listen, grow, and thrive as a family.  

I’m excited to see the fantastic work we will deliver for our clients this year and I look forward to seeing us continue to grow stronger as a team.   

Richard Beasley,

CEO and founder

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