14 September 2021

10 Questions with… Jo

1. In the movie of your life, which actor would play you?

My husband suggested Jessica Stevenson (now Hynes) and I’m a huge fan of hers, so I’m going with it.

2. At which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

Beyond Skin – they make beautiful vegan shoes, but they’re usually out of my price range.

3. What song can you play on repeat and never get sick of?

September, by Earth, Wind & Fire. It’s a banger and guaranteed to get me on the dance floor.

4. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Never miss an opportunity” – wise words from my Auntie Diane.

5. What three things are currently top of your bucket list?

1. Taking time to volunteer with Slaughterhouse Survivors – an AMAZING dog charity in China.

2. Holidaying in Australia & New Zealand.

3. Seeing my boys grow up to be healthy & happy.

6. What is your hidden talent?

It’s not a talent so much as a feature, but I have two webbed toes on each foot and I love them. I think normal toes look weirdly like fingers…

7. Who would be your dream client?

A major bookshop or publisher, perhaps Waterstones or Penguin Books.

8. What is your most used emoji?

Probably the smiley face with hearts or blowing a kiss.Love is all you need. 

9. Can you share your unpopular opinion?

Tea is WAAAY better than coffee – there should be more teashops and less coffeeshops as far as I’m concerned.

10. What dinner could you have time and time again and never get bored of?

Jacket potato – mixing up the toppings would keep it fresh! 


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