Our Approach

Our approach is built around a clear strategic process

Over more than twenty years of delivering exceptional marketing and PR, we have developed a precise formula for success. Adaptable to the ever changing landscape of client requirements and the shifting sands of technology and culture, we guide businesses through critical points of change. 

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How we shape brand destiny

At key moments of positive change within your business, you need objective analysis of current brand strategy, positioning and performance in order to inform a new programme for future success. Our experienced team will ensure this has a strong bias toward positive action, going beyond telling you what you already know and enabling genuine transformation.

We start by uncovering the real commercial challenge; then we develop rational insights to form a clear single-minded proposition before creating media-neutral strategies to bring them to life.

  • In order to create a clear roadmap for the future, we need to have a deep understanding of where we are today.

    We start by uncovering the real commercial challenge; then we develop rational insights to form a clear single-minded proposition before creating strategies.

    At the beginning of any project, we start with a full situational analysis to build a clear picture of your services, products, audiences and the competitive landscape. This enables us together to uncover the real business challenges that need to be overcome.

    Our Brand Surveyor process is also available as a series of stand-alone products…

    A facilitated workshop with key stakeholders examining brand and business goals and aspirations.

    Profiling and persona building from your existing audience data to identify behaviours, perceptions, and media preferences.

    Consultation, workshop, audience profiling, competitive landscape review, website audit and brand roadmap creation.

  • Our BrandArchitect phase is about developing a differentiated positioning for your brand, product or service.

    We create a clear value proposition to ensure your audience needs are matched to your offer in a very clear and direct way. Our value proposition provides the core to our messaging in communications.

    Our BrandArchitect process is also available as stand-alone products that can be tailored to your exact requirements...


    A refresh of your existing brand identity including guidelines and business stationery.


    Development of a brand name and identity including guidelines and business stationery.


    A full audit of your brand and development of a clear brand architecture, brand values, mission, value proposition, identity, brand book and brand guidelines.

  • Our BrandScaping process provides us with the plan for delivering activity.

    Our media neutral approach starts with defining the strategic direction and developing a single-unifying thought to underpin our creative executions. Once we have the Big Idea, we look at the consumer journey to identify the key touchpoints where it will have the greatest impact. We are then in position to undertake communications and media planning in order to finalise a campaign plan.

    For specific requirements or project based needs we have a number of products within our BrandScaping process...

    PR, Content and Experiential

    Strategy development, ideation and campaign planning for channel specific delivery.


    Creative concept development; from proposition, to creative concepts and copywriting to image and design recommendations.


    Full campaign planning process; proposition development, campaign strategy, ideation, creative concepts including copywriting, communications planning, media planning and campaign delivery timeline.

  • It's only once we have the solid foundations of our narrative complete that we look at which touchpoints will bring your story to life

    Depending on the scope of work that has been developed and agreed during the process, our delivery teams will be on hand to execute communications on-time and on-budget. We monitor every stage of output to ensure quality, but also measuring results. You will be regularly updated on progress against pre-agreed KPIs and milestones.

    Every campaign ends with a full report and feedback meeting to discuss successes and identify possible future improvements.