Making a difference is neither ordinary nor easy.

Some might say our team is a bit like a family. Like most families, everyone has his or her own strengths, skills and interests, but our DNA and destinies are entwined and integrated. Our Ethics; Human, Fearless, Dynamic, and Switched on, are shared and lived by us all.

A shared culture and agency vision creates a great place to work and it’s something we’re constantly looking to improve and develop.

Shared Ethics


We use our hearts as well as our heads.

We bring our true selves to work - and that means looking after each other. We understand that everyone has good days and bad days. We believe that human marketing is great marketing - because it speaks to people on an emotional level. Emotions are powerful so we value and respect them. 


We say what we really think and we think boldly.

We're always trying to shake things up in a positive way. We know that mediocrity and blandness never inspired anyone. We're brave about suggesting something new and we listen respectfully when someone else does. We don't mind if someone challenges our opinion because we're not afraid to be proven wrong. 


Actions speak louder than words.

Our behavior sends a message that's much more powerful than the things we say. We take responsibility for our actions and we fulfill our commitments. We believe in making things better, so we work on ourselves, our team and our business. 

Everything- and everyone - is a work in progress.



Switched on

We're aware of the world around us.

We like to know what's going on. We're interested in people, society and the world around us. We think about the big stuff and we always try to make a positive impact. We never forget that business and marketing have the power and potential to make the world a better place.

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    Process management, governance (admin/docs), accountability. This is the most important attribute of an account person and includes the ability to trust that no balls are dropped, deadlines are met and the quality of output is of a high standard. The ability to plan and mitigate potential issues before they occur. Greater visibility and input into overall account planning and not limited to project deliverables.

    Building and maintaining healthy relationships with colleagues and clients, being personable, adaptable, polite but firm, being able to challenge without offending and showing respect for everyone you work with.

    Clear, considered written and verbal comms with clients, colleagues and suppliers. Phone or face-to-face approach first, email second. Ability to articulate thinking and pass on instructions and feedback accordingly. Presentation skills, ability to influence others and sell ideas and proposals.

    Understanding of finance terminology. Financial management, adherence to process and controls, job costing, supplier POs, profitability and time management and reporting. Identifying improvements and opportunities for growth.

    Understanding of requirements, highly polished and robust brief writing, ability to critique and feedback on work. Pro-active understanding of clients’ business and competitive marketplace, carrying out desk research. Facilitation of brainstorms/meetings.

    Being the key point of contact for the client, managing client expectations rather than agreeing to unrealistic requests. Managing up and down – the ability to work with different levels, personality types and ways of working. Consistent, but adaptable. Effective line management, leading by example and mentoring direct reports.

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    To own, and be accountable for, the seamless project delivery for our clients. To instill complete confidence in our ability to be a crucial partner, not just a supplier, and set servicing benchmarks for your junior peers to aspire to.



    A reliable brand guardian, a creative thinker, an energetic linchpin


    To oversee your team and your clients to ensure we deliver excellent work, that is on time, on budget and exceeds the client’s expectations, without over servicing accounts or projects.

    Analyse, evaluate and review workstreams to push for continuous improvements and spot new opportunities for growth.


    A confident, proactive and multiskilled marketer. You are results driven with strong commercial acumen.


    You always ask why and challenge the accepted norm

    You believe that we can only ever achieve 2 of 3 when it comes to fast, cheap and good, with good being the constant.

    Collaboration is the key to success and you understand each BWP skill set and can inspire your team and as well as the wider BWP team to achieve fantastic results.

    Knowledge is power, you understand your client’s businesses inside out and can talk with authority at a senior level.

    The ability to stay one step ahead and be forward thinking is key to problem solving and presenting solutions to clients and internally.

    Strong client relationships at all levels will enable the most effective working relationship. You are not afraid to challenge and have difficult conversations to ensure we stay on task and on budget.


    You can lead a meeting and upsell ideas to the client with passion and confidence.

    You are articulate and can communicate what you expect from people in a clear and succinct manner. You can provide the killer insight in a brief that is going to ensure the response hits the client’s needs head on.

    You garner support and enthusiasm from your own, and the wider agency team, so they achieve the best they can for you in a positive and engaging manner.

    You identify potential problems but are not risk adverse. Sometimes the best ideas and innovative thinking come from taking a calculated risk.

    You take pride in personal relationships with key clients – talk on the phone and take the opportunity to meet face to face to build rapport and develop trust and confidence.


    Lateral thinker. Problem solver. Able to work at pace under pressure. A safe pair of hands. Works well with others; clients, colleagues, and suppliers. Presents with conviction. A keen eye for detail. Punctual and precise. Commercially sound. Motivated by continual learning.


    Colourful. Bright. Open Plan. Busy. Clean. Collaborative. Demanding. Integrated. Fun.

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    Be the first point of contact for management

    Overseeing the team to deliver all client reporting. Understands what is important for a client to see in a report and how to deliver value. Spot the insights in the analyses.

    Be the point of elevation for day to day issues.

    Responsible for driving annual/ad hoc proposals and reviews and managing internal and external resource to delivery.

    Ensures team focus is firmly on objectives/KPIs and all campaigns are measurable and evaluated against objectives/KPI’s.

    Ensures all learnings are applied.

    Looking to the future and identifying additional opportunities to grow margin and standing. Works in tandem with Business Director to drive growth.

    Ensure all projects are completed within the original scope of works.

    Lead client meetings and sell in new projects and ideas to clients with passion and enthusiasm.

    Keep the team focused on delivery and ensure jobs stay on track with minimal overservicing to maintain profitability.

    You upskill your team continually and ensure they work at the top of their ability.


    To be a pivotal part of the PR & Comms team working together to deliver effective PR and communication strategies that drive brand awareness and communicate our client’s key messages. To be the backbone of the team learning all you can about your craft.


    A people person, a grafter, a clairvoyant, a coverage hound, a team player


    I’m here to learn and grow. It’s OK not to know the answer, it’s not OK to not know the answer. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s how you learn from them that is important.

    I have the most important job on the team. I am the backbone, the lynchpin. It might seem like I am stuck doing the unglamorous stuff but its vital to the smooth running of the team. It’s all part of the learning curve and everyone else has done it as they started out in the business.

    PR & comms as a career offers me limitless opportunities – it’s all up to me how much I want it and which direction I want to go.

    PR is so much more than product placement. It’s story-telling, and there are infinite ways to tell your story. We’re all journalists now.

    PR is like advertising, only it’s believable. Compelling story-telling has the power to move people’s hearts and minds and that, in turn, creates action.

    There’s no better feeling than seeing your piece of coverage go live.

    A PR’s job is never done; there is always one more call to make.


    You have endless energy and an infectious love of your craft. You’re keen to get stuck in.

    You love nothing more than securing that piece of coverage, exceeding that target, impressing your line manager.

    You pride yourself on never having to be chased. You’re a master at anticipating the teams’ needs and getting ahead of them.

    You’re a strong communicator, an expert at managing upwards and sharing progress updates. You’re a voracious learner and hungry to understand your industry more. You don’t wait to be told, you come with suggestions.

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    Accountable • Ambitious • Driven • Positive • Proactive • Collaborative • Creative • Dependable • Results-driven • Personable • Helpful• Proud • Informed • Organised • Passion • Impact • Respect • Excellence


    Able to work at pace under pressure. A safe pair of hands. Creative. Outward looking. Works well with others; clients, colleagues and the media. Strong comms skills. Keen eye for detail. Punctual and precise. Motivated by continual learning.


    Colourful. Bright. Open Plan. Busy. Clean. Collaborative. Demanding. Integrated. Fun.


    Works with the team to implement effective PR and communication strategies. Demonstrates an understanding of the media and comms landscape. You must know what makes news and be able to wield the many tools in a PR’s belt – media relations, copy-writing (press releases, blogs, opinion pieces, social), crisis comms, B2B, blogger/vlogger/influencer outreach. You’re building an enviable little black book of media contacts.

    Support during internal brainstorms and client meetings. An integral part of the day-to-day delivery of account work to include media sell-in, copy-writing, client liaison and reporting (attending status calls, writing status reports, drafting monthly reports and saving down and evaluating all coverage).

    A voracious learner, carrying our desk research and identifying new trends or suppliers to work with. Maintains regular contact with clients, acting as the main point of contact for specific accounts. Manages client and line manager expectations at all times. Actively participates in new business development helping to generate proposals.

    Has an understanding of all agency financial controls/processes to include setting up suppliers, raising PO numbers, time management, and all billing. Delivers against specific campaign KPIs as well as working towards own coverage targets. Keeps wider team updated on KPI progress. Escalates any major issues upwards but with a recommended solution.


    To drive and build the PR offering at BWP, lead and oversee your team and your clients, first ensuring that we get the basics right and then encouraging them to push the boundaries.  Commercially minded and creative in nature, adept at building relationships with key commentators, industry spokespeople and senior journalists. Become a member of the agency’s senior management team, to help lead and drive the agency and ensure that the PR division is running future proof campaigns. To provide counsel to your clients and board alike being the mouthpiece for PR within the agency. Growing accounts and winning new ones by identifying opportunities and converting new business.


    A bold leader, inspirational mentor and confident challenger.


    Agency success is a by-product of excellent work that pushes the boundaries, blows clients away and delivers results. Winning over people is the only way of winning any work. It’s important to play to people’s strengths, adapt to the audience and challenge thinking to encourage bravery in people and brands. Collaboration over isolation. There’s no I in team after all… Clients are not always right, but they do pay the bills. Briefs are there to guide thinking rather than limit it. Remove barriers, don’t build them. If not me, who? If not now, when?


    You have the gravitas to direct meetings and command a room, internally and externally. But, also be able to listen and participate and not always direct and lead. Effective communicator, always taking others on the journey. You are confident, not arrogant. You are inclusive but independent. You foster a healthy team environment and client relationship. Your first response should be a positive one. You decide the weather.


    Accountable • Proactive • Ambitious • Personable • Proud • Independent • Dependable • Positive • Empathetic • Competitive • Passion • Impact • Respect • Excellence


    Find suitable solutions in response to business needs. Understand the PR and social media landscape to ensure the right solutions are delivered.  Able to communicate at any level. Present with conviction and read the room. Win trust and build effective long-term relationships. Strategic and creative thinker. Solid deliverer. Multitasker. Mentor and teacher to the team. Partner and advisor to client.


    Colourful. Bright. Open Plan. Busy. Clean. Collaborative. Demanding. Integrated. Fun.

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    Refine and drive process & governance, take ultimate accountability of your team, work, accounts and client relationships. Self-motivated, ensuring delivery for clients, taking responsibility for your team and meeting senior management deadlines. The ability to plan and mitigate potential issues before they occur, escalating any major issues to the Managing Director, along with a recommended solution. Consistency and dependability. Build and maintain strong relationships with colleagues and clients, adapting approach to suit the audience. Being approachable and showing respect for everyone you work with through clarity of instruction and expectation setting. Clear, considered written and verbal comms with clients, colleagues and SMT. Ability to articulate thinking and pass on requests and feedback accordingly. Presentation skills, ability to influence others and sell ideas and proposals. Forecasting, budgeting, account growth. Opportunity spotting for agency/client. Industry benchmarking. Financial management and reporting, including P&L, account plans and profitability. Identifying improvements and opportunities for growth. Business acumen and market knowledge across agency landscape and client sectors. Interrogation of requirements, understanding of the wider marketing landscape, ability to critique and feedback on work. Thought leadership and proactive proposals to grow accounts and client business. Effective team management, leading by example and mentoring. Agency leadership. Consistent, approachable, adaptable, frequent and clear comms with the Board/SMT, resources and account teams. Balance of management and leadership. Facilitating personal development of staff through guidance and training. Delegation skills.


  • Do you fancy a career in PR? Are you looking for hands-on PR experience?

    Our work experience scheme gives you the chance to fulfil a supporting role in our fantastic agency, assisting the PR team in delivering campaigns.  In return, you will gain valuable experience and exceptional insight into the world of PR! 
    Whether you’re looking for 2 weeks or 2 months, this role gives you the chance to pitch to the media, write press releases, build target media lists, manage coverage, support at press events, monitor the news agenda, and contribute to projects and retained accounts as an integral member of the team.
    What are we looking for? Someone with a passion for PR who can’t wait to throw themselves into it and learn as much as they can.  A good communicator with a keen interest in the media landscape and a love of social media. A coverage-hound who will thrive in a busy, fast-paced agency environment.  
    Some previous work experience candidates have even become long-standing members of the BWP team.

    Could you be next?
    If this is something that you’re interested in please drop Jo Moody an email [email protected]

    University Placement

    BWP Group offers university placements for those with this requirement as part of their degree.  Please get in touch for further details.

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